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Thursday, 06/Oct/2022, 11:01 AM
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   Welcome to the Liberty City Life Clan Website! We are a unique clan that works in partnership with the LCPD to create the ultimate role-playing game in Grand Theft Auto IV and the Ballad of Gay Tony. The Clan has been around since Dec. 29, 2009. We are a fast growing Clan but only seek members that are interesting and serious about role-playing.

   We have been continuously developing the ways we could improve on the role-playing scenarios and the way we manage the games. We strive to be the best Role-Playing Clan, and never stop learning and growing to be the best! We offer our members a chance to build up their empire from the bottom up. You decide how to spend your money, where to invest into, what business's would benefit your corporation(s). As you raise in Liberty City make connections with powerful people such as law officials, public aid, politicians, unions, etc. The possibilities are endless, you decide how far you will get up the ladder.

   If you are interested in joining the Liberty City Life, then click here to join today! But be certain that it will be no easy task to join the LCL Role-Playing Clan. We do extensive training, and interviewing in order to keep the most dedicated and professional members in the Clan. The reason why we want only serious members is to keep the Clan professional, as well as keeping the Role-Playing games as realistic and fun as possible. 

There have been a few major changes that have taken place. There will be more to come in the following days, be sure to be active on the website and forum. The few changes that have been Adding new rules to the in-game rules list
  • Updated events page
  • Removed LCFD
  • Removed LCMS
To improve the site and provide enough information to the members the following changes will take place in the days to come:
  • New Entry Test
  • Update Bank summary
  • Update Real Estate summary
  • Additional Game Nights
  • Additional Movies and Pictures
These changes will come in affect immediately to a duration of two weeks.

Thank you,

Liberty City Life Administration
Category: Website/Forum | Views: 60385 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 12/Jan/2011 | Comments (174)

The in-game rules list just got bigger! Isn't that the best thing you heard from a while, I think it is. With these new additions to the list people may start taking their lives more seriously, rather than just throwing it away with really no consequence. For those of you who were looking for an improvement on the clan role-play game's you've got what you asked for. Harsher punishments for people that commit crimes, and an stable environment for those who want to earn a decent living and build their empire. It is a good idea to review the entire list of in-game rules you will find new one's have been added.


Liberty City Life Administration
Category: Website/Forum | Views: 41166 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 12/Jan/2011 | Comments (78)

   That's are folks the stock market is closing down. Due to lack of investors and the city interest they have decided to move it to another city. In the past couple month's companies have been making money and losing money. Mostly making, but without interest shown from the local population of Liberty City it was forced to shut down and move out!. I would like to thank our unaware population of Liberty City for not taking advantage of this chance to become a rich fast idea seriously. Oh well those of you that have invested better get your shares out soon!
Category: RP games | Views: 22330 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 25/Apr/2010 | Comments (23)

   Don't know the consequences for committing crimes? What will happen to you or what you own? Well if you don't know what could happen if you break the law, then check out the new Fines and Punishments document in the file catalog section to the left. Which has a entire listing of fines and sentencing associated with the crimes committed. For those of you that have been in the clan for a while now, they would be wondering why the fines tripled.

   I have the answer for you, but you should know it to. Do you? Well I'll let you know, the reason why fines and punishments have been increased is due to the lack of respect for the people and law. The crime rates have been going through the roof. So to put a lid on things the city decided to raise the prices of fines, cars, insurance, business's, basically anything that could be bou ... Read more »
Category: RP games | Views: 46269 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 25/Apr/2010 | Comments (1)

The bus service page is now available under clan info -> in-game resources -> bus services. There is a list of bus routes, and pictures of the actually route. Along with the locations of the bus stations. There are three bus routes at the moment to assist the people of liberty to get to point a to b faster then walking or wasting money on a vehicles insurance.
Category: Website/Forum | Views: 46271 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 24/Apr/2010 | Comments (15)

Upcoming Events has been added to the website which has all upcoming events that goes on in the clan. Game nights, role playing, etc.
Category: Website/Forum | Views: 67136 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 21/Apr/2010 | Comments (391)

   Well look at this... you will wet your pants with excitement after you hear this. Looks like the stock market is taking a new turn for shareholders. The rich are getting richer, while the poor remain the same. The big companies such as Online International Unlimited and Luther Corp. has risen 15% in the last quarter, being the highest ever recorded.

   If you own their shares you must be really excited to now that you will be rich sooner than you think. These big name companies are continuing to grow at unremarkable speeds. Now if you own the shares for lower valued companies you risk losing your shares and money. But you can't beat the price right? As bigger companies get more expensive you are forced to go with cheaper ones and try your luck. But those of you that decided to buy shares from those bigger companies will some feel the effect.

   I would advise people to purchase these shares for the companies before they come to a point whe ... Read more »
Category: RP games | Views: 14952 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 20/Apr/2010 | Comments (27)

   Late last night in the streets of Eastern Chinatown there were exchange of bullets between cops and robberies, as they robbed the bank for $100 Million in two buses. There was another suspect driving a chopper bike, the suspects were completely loaded with golden uzi's and body armor. The police responded quickly to the call and were able to take down one bus along with the money on Algonquin Bridge. The suspect's have escaped with $50 Million from the Bank of Liberty. It was a difficult day for everyone as they found out there account totaled zero.

   Police are asking for your help to apprehend these suspect's IEatTwinkys, and a new comer UnityZen, the third one was not identified but is believed to be in a transportation business. As they were photographed by surveillance camera's located in and outside the Bank while leaving the premises. You to use extreme caution and not approach these individuals, contact your local Police Station immediately. Any t ... Read more »
Category: RP games | Views: 17202 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 20/Apr/2010 | Comments (38)

New information and documents have been adding under the file catalog to help officers and cadets with training/refreshment courses. Some documents will require a password must of them will have a password associated in the text box. This information will aid you with day to day police work, procedures, laws, and your testing.
Category: Website/Forum | Views: 43105 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 20/Apr/2010 | Comments (32)

The LCPD is now available to be applied for by official members only. If you are interested in joining the LCPD go to applications -> lcpd application and be sure to fill out the application correctly and a lot of information. Application lacking information or experience will not be considered. You must have a clean record to join the LCPD. New tests have been added online for the LCPD after your application has been accepted. Testing has become much more easier and is done online rather than in game. This reduces wasting time, eliminates room for errors, and gives the applicant time to study before a test. The test will not be able to you until you have been accepted, then you will be able to access the tests.
Category: Website/Forum | Views: 8027 | Added by: uNsTOpP413LE | Date: 20/Apr/2010 | Comments (2)

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